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AMD vs Intel. Fight!

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 2:56 am    Post subject: AMD vs Intel. Fight! Reply with quote

Ian Cutress from Anandtech is preparing test of new AMD 64-core processor, see

"AMD’s 64-Core Threadripper 3990X, only $3990! Coming February 7th"

Let's prepare for him the test which we have tried here few years back where we used linear algebra AX=B dense matrix as an example (used MKL/Pardiso and LAIPE parallel libraries).

Now from ver 19 i think Intel MKL/Pardiso libraries support AVX512 and if AMD will beat Intel processors using Intel's own software the game for Intel with its 10x overpriced processors is over. AMD has huge chance doing that because its large caches even though it supports only SSE256. And the 8-channel memory on another 64core AMD cheaper than Intel processor called EPYC 7002 has chance to beat Intel even more

Here is an example mecej4 wrote for MKL library back then. We just need to compile it with new MKL library on any compiler which will support AVX512 and sent it to Ian


 implicit none
 integer :: i,j,neq,nrhs=1,lda,ldb, info
 real*8,allocatable :: A(:,:),b(:)
 integer, allocatable :: piv(:)
 Integer count_0, count_1, count_rate, count_max

 do neq=1000,21000,5000
    lda=neq; ldb=neq
    call random_number(A)
    call random_number(b)
    Call system_clock(count_0, count_rate, count_max)
    CALL dgesv (nEq,nrhs,A,ldA,piv, b, ldb, info)
    Call system_clock(count_1, count_rate, count_max)
    Write (*, '(1x,A,i6,A,2x,F8.3,A)') 'nEqu = ',nEq,' ', &
         dble(count_1-count_0)/count_rate, ' s'

 end do
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