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hypertext stopped working
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2022 3:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'd note, that Microsoft almost killed Clearwin, by the way. In 1990th-beginning 2000th Microsoft Help system allowed hypertext links with the words starting with %. So the first Help for Clearwin was extremely useful to learn and adopt Clearwin which is not that straightforward to grasp. And when you learn, in advance, it is not clear if you will get any advantages besides just some flashy interface. And the older Help system was really helped you. You just clicked on specific control name, like for example %rd and it was getting you to %rd description page. And in this description article about %rd there were other links on some other related controls, say, %dd and %dl etc where you also just click and you are there. There were a lot of examples too. So the Help system was very sticky, like a good salesman, it did not allow you to leave the Help always luring you to try this and try that.

This is why the only manual i indeed RTFM was about learning Clearwin. When Help changed to current form around 2003 i stopped even to look at any new functions, all became inconvenient. In part due to that as i speculate not many new real Clearwin fans we see here over last two decades who know what is %ht, may be just you, Ken Smith and someone else. I judge that because there are a lot to improve there but no one asked about any improvements lately.

The glorious era of personal computers started 40 years ago would be much more fun and pleasant without this mediocre company started by reseller of software Bill G. Great that this inflated to the moon by orgfinances company slowly losing. It's almost kicked out of Supercomputer's Top 500 list where now overwhelmingly dominates Linux. The only what still keeps me with Windows is absence of made not through the a$$ Linux Fortran compilers. Yes, they are very fast, but very inconvenient for development, debugging and use. This is because almost no one currently realizes how many advantages GUIs like Clearwin and IDE debuggers may give to the codes. When/If FTN95 becomes also Linux compatible and add MPI parallelization, SDBG or Plato i'd move to Linux same day. Following dumb fashion of Computer Science crowd to rewrite scientific software for supercomputers from Fortran to C/C++ we used last decades the PIC codes written in C/C++. Lately on my own Linux PC i tried one code written using Fortran and can not believe still if it is cheating or not because it is so hell superfast as if Santa moved me in time into year 2050 and gave me 10,000 cores supercomputer for personal use at home. All our C/C++ codes were running every day in average 1-2 k cores for days and weeks while just the first reasonable very close to reality Fortran code variant completed on my PC ... in 5 minutes!
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