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Limitation of number of plots in %PL
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2022 11:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Do you mean exponent like here : cm-3 ? It can be done by shifting it (you also can scale the font a bit lower in size like this
     call SELECT_FONT@('Tahoma') !  Courier New, Terminal etc
     call scale_font@(FontSize1)
!     call BOLD_FONT@( 1 )

and then return size back for other needs. But here it was not have been done) by delta_X. For both draw_line_between or draw_line_betweenD this is done like this
CALL draw_line_betweenD@(x1+delta_X, y1, x2, y2, icolor )

though usually all small defects like that i ignore and just photoshop a bit later. Small editions always needed anyway here and there when you prepare the plot for high level publications. But better to keep the code as small and simple as possible because such subroutines will be reused many times in the future for different plots.

Yes, tics and numbers at the right of the plot are a bit shifted same way as above depending on the font size used. It is possible to make universal code which will correct that automatically if this is the most important plot of your code but usually you just setup the font and put adjustment parameters in special settings which can be called by your click any time later (for not to recompile the code every time).

The number of decimal points in plotted numbers was supposed to be a recent addition to Clearwin, i do not remember if it was added. But probably you can do that in Designer's Mode settings. When we add just one line to your Fortran Clearwin source code specifying any name settings file
 CALL winop@("%pl[file=Multiplot01.set]")

the DM will automatically appear like an icon in the upper left hand side corner and you will do a hell lot of things with the plot there - i currently always use Designers Mode in all of my plots. It already there in my demo code above, have you tried it? Thanks to Paul, besides adding native PL, this was one greatest simplification and improvement of Clearwin of recent years.
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