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Unstable %eb behaviour with user_colours in FTN 8

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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2017 3:49 pm    Post subject: Unstable %eb behaviour with user_colours in FTN 8 Reply with quote

I'm having problems with a multi-line edit box when compiling with FTN 8.1 that did not occur with previous versions. When using a %eb edit box with user_colours and a callback, if I attempt to scroll the box using the vertical scrollbar thumb text within the box is selected, and the text display flickers, sometimes corrupts and also the application can cash. A similar thing happens if I attempt to select a block of text using mouse click and drag. This was all working fine up to FTN 8 (compiling as x86 code in Windows 10)

Here's some demo code:


! Demonstrates problem with combination of user_colour edit box and use of
! CLEARWIN_STRING@('CALLBACK_REASON'). Scrolling the box causes strange behaviour
! and attempting to select text and scroll with mouse causes similar behaviour
! and intermittent crashing. Removal of user_colour or CLEARWIN_STRING@ from
! callback fixes the behaviour

! Info block for edit box
module TestMod
  integer*4 info(24), &
            eb_h_position, eb_v_position, eb_last_line, &
            eb_buffer, eb_buffer_size,  eb_max_buffer_size, &
            eb_current_position, eb_selection, eb_selected, &
            eb_vk_key, eb_vk_shift,  eb_active, &
            eb_modified, eb_closing, eb_n_chars_to_colour, &
            eb_text_to_colour, eb_text_colours, eb_background_colours, &
  equivalence &
    (eb_h_position, info(1)), (eb_v_position, info(2)), &
    (eb_last_line, info(3)), (eb_buffer, info(4)), &
    (eb_buffer_size, info(5)), (eb_max_buffer_size, info(6)), &
    (eb_current_position,info(7)), (eb_selection, info(8)), &
    (eb_selected, info(9)), (eb_vk_key, info(10)), &
    (eb_vk_shift, info(11)), (eb_active, info(12)), &
    (eb_modified, info(13)), (eb_closing, info(14)), &
    (eb_n_chars_to_colour, info(15)), (eb_text_to_colour, info(16)), &
    (eb_text_colours, info(17)), (eb_background_colours, info(18)), &
    (eb_reserved, info(19))
end module TestMod

use mswin
use TestMod

external StartCB
external EbCtrlCB

i = winio@('%ww[no_border,independent,not_fixed_size]&')
i = winio@('%ca[FTN Test]%nd&')
i = winio@('%sc&',StartCB)
i = winio@('%pv%100.60^`eb[read_only,hscrollbar,vscrollbar,user_colours]','*',0,info,EbCtrlCB)


! Setup some text in the EB on window startup
integer function StartCB()
  use mswin
  use TestMod

  integer:: i
  do i = 1, 200
    call AppendLine("(eb_h_position, info(1)), (eb_v_position, info(2)), (eb_last_line, info(3)),"// &
                    "(eb_buffer, info(4)),  (eb_buffer_size, info(5)), (eb_max_buffer_size, info(6))")
  end do
  StartCB = 2
end function StartCB

! eb CB handler
integer function EbCtrlCB()
  use mswin
  character*32 rstr
  rstr = CLEARWIN_STRING@('CALLBACK_REASON')  ! presence of this call along with user_colours causes redraw problems during thumb scroll and click-drag text selection scrolling
  EbCtrlCB = 0
end function EbCtrlCB

! Append new line to eb
subroutine AppendLine(instring)
  use mswin
  use TestMod
  character(len=*), intent(in):: instring
  call EDIT_MOVE_BOF@(info)
  call INSERT_EDIT_STRING@(info, instring(1:LEN_TRIM(instring))//char(13)//char(10))
end subroutine AppendLine

I should also mention this is on a high dpi display, although adding SetDpiAwarenes
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Joined: 21 Feb 2005
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PostPosted: Tue May 09, 2017 6:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have made a note that this needs investigating.
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