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initially_blank - he no work!

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 17, 2014 8:58 pm    Post subject: initially_blank - he no work! Reply with quote

I wrote an application that gets an outing once a year (i.e. now) that as I am retired from my Uni is run by a colleague, but still maintained by me as a labour of love. I also have no control over the hardware it is run on (which in this case is a dual core Intel based laptop, with 32-bit Win 7).
It seems to me that some problems have simply developed by themselves.
Firstly, my one-and-only user had set the laptop from Windows 7 Basic theme to Windows Classic for some unfathomable reason, and some (note, not all) the %bb buttons lost their icon and text, except when in the ‘down’ position. That seemed to be overcome by reverting to Win7 Basic theme.
The other problem which I don’t understand is that the application launches windows with lots of %rd boxes specified as initially_blank. I run the same executable on either of the two machines I have (owned and maintained by me) running Win 7, and it works – each time the window launches and the boxes should be blank, they are (and when they shouldn’t be, they aren’t). I run it on that Uni machine, and it doesn’t work – they never blank. I checked the salflibc.dll version on the machine, and it is the same as my machine(s) – there are no vagrant versions on it.
My feeling is that there is some other software running on the machine that interferes with initially_blank. My enquiry is “does anyone have any idea what this might be?”
Computer support at the Uni have the habit of installing software that suits them, but interferes with the running of straightforward Windows applications, and of using particular technologies for the hell of it – e.g. wirelessly networking a printer sitting two feet from the PC, instead of using a cable! (And the laptop promiscuously connects to its mistress Eduroam, dropping its proper wife WiFi network, and hence losing its printer connection). Hence my diagnosis that there is some setting that wrecks the Clearwin code.
To compound my misery, ‘my’ academic licence for FTN95 is no longer reinstallable, because it seems to rely on my now-expired Uni e mail address! (I’m not looking for an answer to that one, which looks to be solvable by spending the correct amount of money and instead of being a PE user in my retirement, becoming a 'Commercial user'!)
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