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Silverfrost FTN95: Fortran for Windows version 7.20

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 8:14 am    Post subject: Silverfrost FTN95: Fortran for Windows version 7.20 Reply with quote

We are pleased to announce the release of FTN95 version 7.20. This is available for download now to supported users.

New Features:

  • A new KIND value has been introduced for integers. INTEGER(KIND=7) has the size of an address which depends on the type of the executable (32 bit or 64 bit). The same kind value is to be used when /ALT_KINDS is applied
  • ClearWin+: GET_DIB_SIZE@, GET_DIB_BLOCK@ and IMPORT_IMAGE@ have been extended in order to provide access to a wider range of image files via the Microsoft GDI+ library.
  • ClearWin+: A tilde modifier (~) can now be used with %wp with the result that plain text placed on top of the wallpaper will be transparent. In other words the text will have the wallpaper as background.
  • ClearWin+: The previously undocumented function browse_for_folder1@ can be used to open a dialog box with the option to create a new folder.

Outline summary of bugs that have been fixed:

  • FTN95 was calling the wrong library function when the standard intrinsic EXP was used with an extended precision (KIND=3) argument.
  • The PACK and UNPACK standard intrinsics where not working correctly for INTEGER types other than the default.
  • MAXLOC and MINLOC with DIM arguments were not working correctly in a number of contexts.
  • The resource compiler SRC was not handling the VERSION_INFO resource correctly.
  • INTENT(OUT) arguments with TYPE initialisation were not being reset on entry.
  • FTN95 was not reporting an error when the subscript of a subscript-triple was an array.
  • FTN95 was treating an assumed shape INTENT(INOUT) array as INTENT(IN) in certain contexts.
  • FTN95 with /CHECK was not reporting a run time error when assigning a value to a dummy argument where the actual argument was a simple parenthesis e.g. call zzz((A)).
  • An ENTRY routine with no arguments and defined within a MODULE SUBROUTINE was not accessible.
  • /NO_TRUNCATE was giving a false error report for comments beginning with ! or &.
  • A FORMAT statement at the beginning of subroutine with local (CONTAINS) subprograms was falsely reported as missing.
  • An error condition was not being reported when an expression was used as the value of an INTENT(OUT) argument.
  • OPTIONS(NOOPTIMISE) was behaving like OPTIONS(OPTIMISE) whilst OPTIONS(OPTIMISE) with /UNDEF was causing an internal compiler failure.
  • Empty character format and list directed write statement output a line with a single space rather than an empty line.
  • The REC specifier was allowed for READ and WRITE statements on a unit opened for sequential access.
  • Writes starting with '1' on units opened with FORM='PRINTER' didn't output a form feed.
  • A certain PARAMETER initialisation was failing with /ALT_KINDS.
  • A star-sized array argument in an internal function was giving a false run-time bounds check error.
  • The SHAPE intrinsic is now available within a PARAMETER initialisation.
  • Arrays declared with the PARAMETER attribute where not protected from run-time changes.
  • ClearWin+: %ac[Shift+Ins] was over-riding the typing of an underscore character in an edit box. This has been fixed.
  • ClearWin+: %dr (dropped files) has been tidied up so that the clearwin_string@ data is correctly reset and a crash is avoided.
  • ClearWin+: Various reported problems when using UTF8 characters have been resolved.
  • ClearWin+: Previously undocumented functions set_integer_limits@ and set_float_limits@ have been improved. These routines correspond to %il and %fl respectively and allow changes to be made at run time.
  • ClearWin+: The routine set_control_back_colour@ was not working for combinations like %dd%rd. This has been fixed.
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