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Computer Analyses Checking, Verification & Archiving

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:44 pm    Post subject: Computer Analyses Checking, Verification & Archiving Reply with quote

.... A Discussion
(as suggested by Eddie in his Fri 15th March 2019 comment here: )

Eddie's suggestion for this discussion pleased me a lot.

I used to work for a bėg UK space company and in the stress office we had a great system which was put into place by the deputy chief of the stress office. I'm talking mid-eighties.

It was christened SOWI (Stress Office Working Instructions) and covered everything, from stress hand calcs and how they should be filed, to the filing of those majestic green fold-out computer outputs (boy did we generate a lot of paper!), through boxes and boxes of punched cards, to 'the Italian Job' magnetic tapes, kept in the computer room of course, but with specific instructions on how they were to be labelled, for reference.

The whole sytem was a pain in the arse at first for anyone arriving in the office, and the frst couple of weeks was spent getting to grips with it.

Move on 35 years and the situation is worse, what with the quantity of data wrecklessly generated, the multitude of storage formats appearing in the intervening period, and of course the arrival on the scene (in my industry in early 90's) of .... the dreaded PC ! Things were so much simpoler before - and time to think rather than headless-chicken-ly churning out results just for the sake of it.

EXCEL is a wonderful tool, probably one of the biggest marketing mistakes M$ ever made making it so good at the beginning (I still use v2003 - no on 'needs' anything more than included therein) ... or maybe it was just a consequence of the effort to rip the crown from the hands of the pioneer, LOTUS 1-2-3 .

Anyway, too much data, generated in a way that follows no standards (internal to whatever office) whatsoever.
Everyone does their own thing.

Everyone struggles when picking up someone else's sheets, the worst being someone who is no longer there !

It deserves a few chapters all of it's own in the 'Great SOWI In The Sky'

I suggest everyone who posts someting heads their posts with a *** TITLE *** at the top saying to what aspect their comment refers to, otherwise, if the post 'explodes' into action we'll be reading loads of comments over and ver again ...... even though that's not a bad consequence actually
''Computers are incredibly rigid. They question nothing. Especialy input data.Human beings are incredibly trusting of computers and don't check input data. Together they are capable of cocking up even the simplest calculation ... Smile "
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