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Request for extension
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2023 5:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is supposed to be universal XY plotting utility, one of many others (3D, surface plots, etc) . Everyone needs such plotting tool. This code was started 20+ years ago with Simpleplot initially. Then i switched to native %PL

It supposed to work with 10+ graphs based on the demo above but after finding the bug today it started to plot ... one graph more, 10 total. Clearly more bugs are still there

I am ready to share this code with anyone. May be this will inspire people to rewrite it more clear way, Definitely today it is possible to make universal XY plotting program much faster with more transparent code and with many nice tricks (like smooth transitions from one curve to another, add eye candies, shadows etc). I'd be also glad to take anyone's code and incorporate into my codes.

Doing the plotting utilities yourselves, by controllable way in your favorite language makes them very convenient for reuse and adaptation for specific usages. Relying on some third party software though is totally wrong way doing that. This is why using %pl is essentially the only right way to do such things. The very few exclusions could be using such universal libraries like OpenGL or possibly some Microsoft's stuff. Anything else typically has the life span a decade or so and then disappear. It is not a good strategy in software development to rewrite your codes 5 times per life
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